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Very few home improvements can make a drastic change to your home like siding can. Repairing siding or replacing siding can instantly change the color of your home and give it a new look and feel.

Siding materials have varied over the years and older homes may have siding that hasn’t aged well or requires high maintenance to maintain. This may require frequent caulking or painting and can be a hassle for the busy homeowner. This siding, often made of wood, is very aesthetically pleasing, but may require more frequent updates and attention.

R&D Exteriors offers a variety of siding materials that can meet all budgets and needs while providing a low-maintenance and high durability option for your home. These materials come in a variety of styles and textures as well, letting the homeowner customize the finished look. We offer many types of siding options to create a long-term solution for your home.

Aside from material and texture, siding can come in a variety of shapes and colors and create many different looks. During a residing of your house, it’s important to choose a specialist who can properly retrofit your current siding or has experience in replacing siding. Failure to seamlessly apply siding can not only void the warranty but cause bubbling or unforeseen wear and tear.


At R&D Exteriors we only use siding products that are made to stand the elements of Wisconsin weather and relentless forces by Mother Nature. 


We use an ultra-durable vinyl siding that can be installed any time of the year. Vinyl siding eliminates the need for repainting and is low maintenance for the home owner. It is cost efficient and widely used throughout the country because of it's durability and look; it comes in a variety of colors and textures that create the perfect look for your home.


Ideal for homes with history, wood siding is a durable, rich look you may prefer for your home. Often used in lodge and cottage settings, with proper maintenance, wood siding can last up to 100 years. Available in traditional clapboard as well as shakes and shingles, wood siding allows you to get a custom look and visual interest.

Composite (Smart Side / Fiber Cement)

Want the look of masonry, but not sure it's in your budget? Composite siding may be a good solution for that. Made to resemble stucco, custom woodwork and more, fiber cement can be used to achieve the look you want with a lower cost.

Brick and Stone Siding

For a timeless, varied and beautiful option to a home exterior we offer our brick and cultured stone. We offer brick work and cultured stone installation, a lightweight and affordable stonework that can enhance the overall appearance of your residence and even increase property value.

Our Vendors

To ensure the best siding products for your Wisconsin home, we work with some of the best vendors around. Click below to learn more.


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